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Garex is always on the lookout for new products and innovations to offer you the best garage door in the industry!


In order to offer you the best garage door in the industry, Garex garage doors are manufactured with an composite end block.

Composite end blocks, a Garex exclusive
Composite end blocks, a Garex exclusive

This new generation of end blocks has been developed by Garex’s research and development department in collaboration with the Industrial Research Center of Quebec, in Canada (CRIQ, for its acronym in French ), the combined tests of the two organizations have confirmed several advantages to the wood end blocks.

The Composite End-Block allows :
– Better friction to screwing, preventing screws from loosening ;
– Improves the rigidity of the panel ;
– Better mechanical resistance ;
– Better resistance to moisture (the composite end block is rot-proof).

Presented at the Contech Quebec Building Expo 2015

In every Contech Trade Show location, the organization form a Coups de cœur (judges’ favourites) panel made up of local architects, building managers and builders. This panel meets with exhibitors to learn about their new products and select those they consider the most noteworthy.


Among the companies taking part in the 2015 Expo, hold on Thursday, October 29, 2015, twenty-five exhibitors presented a new product at the Coups de coeur contest. At the end of their analysis, five favorite products were selected among these novelties, including our Composite End Block.