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3 September 2019

When it’s decision time, there are four key things to look at to help you make the right choice.

When it’s decision time, there are four key things to look at to help you for how to pick the right garage door. You want a garage door that fits your needs to a tee, so picking the right one means looking at more than just colors and patterns. If this is your first time buying a garage door or if you’d like to steer forever clear of the frustrations you’ve had with your current one, here are four key aspects to keep in mind .

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It’s important to decide where cost ranks in your priorities. The cost of a garage door may vary depending on several factors such as insulation, the number of windows, the use of steel or aluminum, the opening system and many other customization options. But whatever your budget, an alternative will always be available. If the insulation and the look of your garage door take a back seat because the price of a quality door is your top concern, we suggest going with an R12 door. Otherwise, if insulation and appearance are very important, an R16 or a fully glazed door could be a better fit to pick the right garage door.

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If you use your garage as a temperature-controlled living space or if there’s an insulated room above it, we recommend to pick the right garage door with an R16 value because it provides the best insulation. If not, you could opt for the affordable R12 valeu or even a fully glazed door if you want a more contemporary, on-trend design.

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Is it important to you to have abundant natural light in your garage? If so, a fully glazed door is the perfect choice to pick the right garage door. However, keep in mind that windows have an impact on insulation and windowless doors provide the best insulation.

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Of course, you want a garage door that blends seamlessly with your home or something in a specific style. The traditional style matches a wide range of architectural styles. Like the rustic look? This type of door lends a certain charm and authenticity to your home. Some people have a weak spot for more modern and contemporary looks with clean lines and plenty of windows.

Whatever your preferences, Garex has a wide range of garage doors to satisfy every need based on these four aspects. Contact us today!

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