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30 October 2020


Over time, we have seen myriad architectural styles and aesthetics emerge. The blending of various elements, such as materials, accessories, lighting, and exterior doors, creates a multitude of possibilities that make contemporary houses like the celebrated Modern Farmhouse so appealing.

Since your garage door covers up to 45% of the facade of your house, you should take the time to choose the garage door that will perfectly match the architectural style of your home. Written in collaboration with Dessins Drummond, this article will hopefully enlighten your choice by presenting 6 garage door options to enhance your contemporary house.


Natural light is one of the signature characteristics of modern architecture. That is why Garex’s Panoramic garage door works so well with this aesthetic. Entirely covered in windows, this full view garage door allows the outside light to flood in and brighten up your space. Moreover, it can successfully combine style and function by standing in as a division between rooms inside your home, such as between the living room and solarium. Furthermore, you can customize the Panoramic door by choosing its color, its grid style, and the type of glass. Whether you prefer clear, tinted, frosted, or opaque glass, you will assuredly find the one that perfectly matches your home. The Panoramic is available in white, black, and anodized gray. The sheer number of combinations and possibilities will allow you to create a garage door that is just as unique as your contemporary house.

Modern cubic contemporary house
On the right : 
Modern cubic 4 bedroom house with double garage
Dessins Drummond


The Scandinavian style is growing in popularity. Its architecture boldly stands out for both its simplicity and its energy efficiency, just like the Garex Quantum garage door. This minimalist 20-gauge smooth steel door complements the clear-cut Scandinavian aesthetic by adding a sense of volume to your contemporary house facade. Available in white or in the color that best matches your home, The Quantum garage door will enhance the geometric character of your home and help make it remarkable.

Scandinavian Contemporary House
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Scandinavian Home
Dessins Drummond


If you care first and foremost about the efficiency of your garage door and praise all things simple, the Woodgrain garage door is the ideal choice for you. Both practical and efficient, this door has a versatile, pattern-free minimalist look that goes well with any contemporary house architectural style. Its texture is as authentic as its raw material, i.e. wood, but without its drawbacks. The Woodgrain door is made of steel or aluminum and is available in 11 different colors.

Customize and increase the brightness of your garage by adding windows! Consult a Garex expert to find out about all our fenestration options.

Minimalist Contemporary House
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Minimalist House
Dessins Drummond


Your contemporary house has a refined design enriched by a variety of textures and materials. However, you are struggling to find the garage door that will fit it to a T? The Urban and Urban MR garage doors will surely delight you.

Sophisticated Contemporary House
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Sophisticated house
Dessins Drummond

The Urban door displays a sophisticated blend of wood grain texture and two thin molded ridges near the top and bottom of each panel. For a more elaborate design, the Urban MR door exhibits five ridges arranged on each panel, a feature that gives the illusion of a broader garage door. Manufactured from 26-gauge galvanized steel or 23-gauge aluminum, both door designs are available with an R-12 or R-16 thermal resistance value. Adding large windows to these doors is also a popular option among customers.

Elaborate Contemporary House
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Elaborate house
Dessins Drummond


Modern homes are meticulously designed to combine functionality, comfort, and efficiency. The Grooved garage door by Garex not only merges seamlessly with modern architecture but is also available in an economy configuration.

Made of galvanized steel or aluminum, the Grooved door is characterized by its wood grain texture and its wide lines laid out in pairs at the top and bottom of each panel. Available in several colors and offering versatile design options, it can suit many different architectural styles. Also, embellishing it with a panoramic window panel is a creative option that satisfies the needs for insulation and natural light.

Modern  Contemporary House
On the right : 
Modern House
Dessins Drummond


The modern country style house, also called the Modern Farmhouse, has been gaining popularity in Canada in recent years. This architectural style is an artful fusion of modern-chic and rustic elegance, reached by means of harmoniously integrating multiple contrasting elements from both aesthetics.

The country-style doors featured in the Seigneurie Collection by Garex are easy to customize to coordinate with a contemporary house. Characterized by intersecting overlaid boards, this collection has nine doors that complement the Modern Farmhouse look. Modernizing a country door is easy to do by opting for a solid color that matches the siding and adding large windows.

Contemporary Modern Farmhouse
On the right : 
Modern Farmhouse
Dessins Drummond

In short, what we love most about contemporary house styles are their clean lines and lower cost of construction. Now that you have hopefully been inspired, you are ready to start your own project. Leave it to a Garex adviser to guide you in choosing your new garage door so that it blends perfectly with your dream home! You can also get a plan or advice from the architecture specialists at Dessins Drummond.

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