Garage Doors with Superior Insulation, Energy Efficient and LEED Certification | GAREX


We believe that changing even the smallest of our everyday activities can have a lasting impact on our environment, which is why we have made the following green management choices:

  • Use of high-grade insulation to increase eco-energetic performance
  • Use of recycled and durable materials, up to 25% for steel parts and 100% for aluminum.
  • Reduce waste produced during door manufacturing process.

Portes Garex’s environmental commitment is more than a long-term vision; it is the embodiment of a company-wide approach to responsible management.

In order to continuously improve our products, we have undertaken a collaborative approach with Vertima, a firm specializing in LEED ® certification, for the evaluation of our products to meet the requirements of LEED ®

Community Player

Every year, Garex sponsors a range of sports events and makes major financial contributions to various charities and non-profit organizations.

By taking an active role in the community, Garex helps ensure that its employees are among the best in the industry. Garex policies and practices are designed to attract, retain, and inspire our employees, who show leadership, innovation, and commitment.