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23 April 2021

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Majority of Canadians have had to spend more time at home in 2020 and 2021, with remote working, home schooling and less access to the services we are used to. This has caused many people to rethink, rework and even renovate their living space in order to enhance their comfort in this new reality. But the effort put in today will definitely continue paying off in the distant future.

Garex invites you to use your imagination to transform your garage and incorporate in your family’s living space. As one of the most underused spaces in most homes, the garage can easily be converted into a multifunctional room with little investment. To kick-start your inspiration, here are 4 makeover ideas to make your garage awesome.


Things have gotten out of hand: your children spend too much time in front of the tablet, the computer or the television and there are screens in every room of your house. Turn your empty garage into a digital-free zone where your kids can explore their talents, goof around and get their wiggles out. Transform your garage into a playroom. 

When the weather outside is nasty, the kids will still have their own dedicated space to play. And when the sun is out, just raise the door to let in some fresh air and the neighbourhood friends.

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Here are some simple recommendations to help you to set the tone.

Make sure your garage door is well insulated. Most doors made by Garex offer a thermal resistance of R-16, so you should be covered. You should also check the perimeter weatherstripping of the door to detect any possible air leaks. You are in luck; we have a blog post that will guide you in Demystifying Perimeter Weatherstripping: How to 1) Choose, 2) Maintain and 3) Replace It. 

Add windows to your garage door. Letting in some natural light will make any space feel a little less like a dungeon. Adding thermal windows, also known as double-pane windows, will help keep the playroom cozy when temperatures plummet. And guess what? We have a blog post that teaches you the 6 Steps to Add Thermal Windows to Your Garage Door.

Kid-proof the concrete floor. Lay down some soft foam tiles on the designated play area and top it off with a cushy carpet. Voilà! You have the perfect foundation for a giant doll house, tumble mats, or a mini trampoline.

Install some storage units. You do not want to be falling over toys every time you set foot in your garage. Investing in some storage units is a smart solution to keep the place tidy and are a sought-after feature for people who are shopping for a new home. So if ever you put your house up to sell, they will be seen as an added value. 

As your children get older and enter their teens, the space can evolve along with them. Add some beanbags, an ottoman and a sofa bed to turn it into a cool hangout. The possibilities are endless. 


You love to entertain but your dining room is too small to have all your buddies over at the same time. Transform your garage and make it awesome by converting it into your dream entertainment lounge. You will finally have the space for that pool table that you have always wanted. Plug a mini fridge in the corner and have cold beverages on hand at all times to offer to your guests. Even a popcorn machine would be a great addition for a late-night snack.

Here are some space preparation ideas to consider before you start setting up your “den.”

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Paint the floor. A simple coat of paint on the concrete floor will go a long way to dress up the garage. On the other hand, an unfinished ceiling, brick wall or showing pipes will add an industrial feel to your space that will boost the ambience.

Consider your garage door tracks when selecting ceiling lights. 95% of the atmosphere in your entertainment lounge will be created by the lighting. Fluorescent lights will not give off the same vibe as suspended lamps, and a ceiling fan may be a welcoming feature to help with air circulation. However, before selecting ceiling lights, be sure to consider the backroom or the ceiling space where your garage door tracks are installed. Interfering with the proper functioning of the door would be counterproductive.

Consider your garage door before adding things on the walls. Sporting events will never be the same at your house again. Installing a big-screen TV on the wall could be a game changer: open the garage door, roll out the barbecue and have a tailgate party. Or cozy up with the family to watch a movie. But before you install your TV on the wall, make sure there is enough space for it. Clearances that are too narrow will make installing a new garage door, for instance, much more complex and costly. 

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If you need advice to take the proper measurements to avoid obstructing your garage door, we suggest you contact your local door installer.


Whether your hobby is refinishing or reupholstering furniture, making models, painting, woodworking or producing music, your unused garage is the ideal space to practise messy or loud hobbies. And the greatest thing is that very little is required to turn your cluttered garage into a welcoming workspace. 

Add a work table, some storage and shelving to keep your space organized, perhaps stick some vinyl tiles on the floor for easy cleaning, bring your equipment to the garage and you are ready to start. However, we do have one piece of advice.

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Add windows to your garage door. Although spotlights are the optimal source of light to see your work in detail, adding windows on your garage door will make your space more pleasant. A window on the world can fuel your inspiration on top of letting in some natural light to warm up the space. 

If you are going to be spending hours in the garage laser-focused on a project, you might as well invest in a window on the outside world to keep track of time.


What other big open space with a concrete floor do you have in your house? Take advantage of the extra space and welcoming freshness when transform your garage and turn it into your own personal fitness heaven: a gym or studio. 

Most details of transform your garage will depend on the sport you are redesigning the space for. Start by planning the right material for your floor. Cross fit, for instance, will require a thick rubber floor whereas tatami mats will suffice for most martial arts. Accordingly, placing mirrors on the wall will benefit your dancing and yoga postures, but will do nothing for running on the treadmill.

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Nevertheless, Garex has a few universal tips to share.

Consider the glass type for your garage door windows. Large windows are one of the selling features in many gyms. They allow for the introduction of plants in an otherwise bland space. Full-window garage doors are a popular option on the market now, and would enhance a home gym. Various glass types are offered that both preserve your privacy and let in the sunlight. Learn more about glass-type options in our article 18 Types of Decorative Glass for Your Garage Door.

Enhance the ventilation to prevent condensation. Chances are, as you work out, the temperature inside your gym will rise above the outside temperature. To prevent condensation from building up on windows, make sure your garage has enough air circulation. Check out our 5-Step Solution to Reduce Condensation in Your Garage.


If one of these garage makeover ideas is appealing to you and you are thinking about replacing your garage door, do not hesitate to contact a Garex expert for more details about what else you should consider before your purchase. We will be glad to help!

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