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Discover Our Top Garage Door Operators Selection

Garex brings you a diverse range of high-quality residential garage door operators to enhance the functionality of your home. Featuring industry-leading brands like LiftMaster and Linear, our garage door operators are designed to perfectly complement your garage door system. Browse through our top picks and find the ideal garage door operator for your home.

Linear LDCO863B

Linear LDO50

ldco863b 2 Linear_LD050_Garex
Experience the convenience of the deluxe single-lamp 1/2 HP Linear LDO50 garage door operator. Compatible with belt and chain drive rails, this is an excellent choice for any residential garage door.
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Linear LSO50

Linear LDCO800

Linear_LS050_Garex Linear_LDCO800_Garex
Upgrade your garage with the deluxe dual-lamp 1/2 HP Linear LSO50 garage door operator. Boasting superior vibration isolation, it’s compatible with both belt and chain drive rails, making it a versatile addition to your home.
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Choose energy efficiency with the DC-powered Linear LDCO800 garage door operator. Running at an AC-equivalent speed, it’s a reliable and eco-friendly option for your garage door system.

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Linear LCO75

LiftMaster 8500

Get maximum power with the 3/4 HP deluxe dual-lamp Linear LCO75 garage door operator. As Linear’s most powerful operator yet, it’s an ideal choice for homeowners looking for unparalleled performance.
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Opt for a sleek design with the LiftMaster 8500 wall mount garage door opener. This space-saving option provides reliable operation without sacrificing style.
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At Garex, we are committed to offering a comprehensive selection of top-notch garage door operators that cater to various needs and preferences. Explore our collection and find the perfect solution to enhance the functionality and security of your garage door system.