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22 January 2020

The outstanding quality of Garex garage doors comes down to a whole host of key factors, including how they are built and assembled.

TPE weatherstripping


At Garex, we use thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) rather than vinyl for all weatherstripping on our doors, because it’s more flexible and longer lasting. TPE is flexible enough for the weatherstripping to maintain its shape in extremely low and high temperatures. Our weather strips are designed to perform well even when submitted to extreme weather variations and are less susceptible to premature wear and tear.

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The profile of weatherstripping at the endblocks protects doors against water or air infiltration. Weather strips are installed on a fixed frame to prevent any displacement or loss of efficiency. The shape of the weather strips at profile intersections keeps doors completely protected against water and air infiltration. The top and bottom sections are sealed at four contact points.

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The wider, U-shaped weatherstripping at the bottom of the doors provides an optimal seal even on uneven ground. Holes at the base allow water and condensation to drain away.

Solid texture

Our woodgrain texture is a proven innovation that also improves impact resistance, which makes our textured steel and aluminum panels sturdier than smooth ones. The profile design is slightly more pronounced than a standard model, making this texture even more impact resistant. That means accidental bumps and scrapes will be less visible.

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Garex also uses a steel alloy with just the right amount of carbon to yield the perfect blend of flex and rigidity. Our steel is covered by a 25-year warranty against perforation due to rust.

Superior assembly quality

The close attention to detail that goes into the manufacture and assembly of our doors exceeds all industry standards. Once the insulation is injected, our doors are cleaned to remove any excess polyurethane that could lead to defects during assembly. Every door undergoes comprehensive quality control before packaging. Once snugly packed away to protect their perfect straight lines, the doors are now ready to be installed.

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Our garage doors really and truly are better made, and that’s what keeps them stronger, more functional, and more beautiful—for longer.  Contact us!

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