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18 December 2019

In the previous post, we started discussing what makes Garex garage doors better… But there’s more!


In the previous post, we started discussing what makes Garex garage doors better… But there’s more! Thanks to our many strict standards and processes, our products surpass the industry standard.

Calculated insulation

Our insulation injection processes are proven and calculated to deliver optimal performance. At Garex, we follow a stringent protocol when it comes to injecting polyurethane foam. We inject it into the middle to provide uniform coverage from one end of the garage door to the other.

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Injection time is also carefully calculated based on the specific dimensions of each garage door to ensure a consistent and stable density. We’ve spent years developing and testing our injection times to be able to deliver a garage door that’s always a cut above. To make sure our equipment is always in top form, we continuously fine tune and maintain it and calibrate our machines several times a day to maintain a steady injection rate.

Superior-quality steel

Our garage door panels are made with a gauge of steel that goes above and beyond industry standards. But a multitude of other steel components go into a garage door that have a direct impact on its strength and durability. And at Garex, our standards are far stricter than those currently in use in the industry. Remember that the lower the gauge, the thicker, stronger, and more resistant the steel.

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We use steel with a superior quality gauge in our garage doors so they are able to stand up to the loads produced by wind and deliver optimal performance. Garex tracks are made of 14-gauge steel so you can enjoy a system that’s quieter and less prone to alignment issues when opening and closing. Our reinforcement plates are made of 14-gauge steel to provide panels and fasteners with better mechanical resistance. We make our garage doors hinges with 14- to 11-gauge steel (depending on the size of the garage door) so they last longer and open more easily.

Pre-assembled tracks

Our tracks systems are produced, pre-assembled, and adjusted at the factory under ideal conditions. Each system for each garage door we make is pre-assembled in two sections. Our specialists ensure that all parts are completely compatible and all holes for fasteners are exactly where they should be. When it comes to fastening techniques, we prefer spot welding to rivets or bolts.

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Once at the installation site, all that’s left to do is reassemble and secure the two sections. Fast and easy, and no surprises. This process minimizes the risk of defects caused during garage door installation. At Garex our goal is to always make installation as easy as possible. The easier the garage door is to install, the more likely the opening/closing mechanism runs smoother, lasts longer, and continues to be free of alignment and jamming problems.

All these benefits make Garex products a definite must. Contact us today to discuss your project!

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