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6 May 2019

Always ahead of the game, Garex garage doors are manufactured with extruded polystyrene XPS end blocks.

Thanks to those composite end blocks, our garage doors are the most durable on the market.

The use of a composite material as an end block, rather than wood, is one of the important points of differentiation to consider when buying a new garage door.

Composite end blocks, a Garex exclusive

What does that mean, composite end blocks exactly?

The blocks located at the end of garage doors usually serve a dual purpose: adding stability to the hinges and improving the thermal break. Typically made of PVC, wood, or steel, they’re garage door panel ‘end caps’.

Developed in partnership between our R&D department and the CRIQ (Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec – Quebec Industrial Research Center), our innovative, exclusive extruded polystyrene XPS end blocks offer significant advantages when compared to other materials.

Close-up Embout en Composite

What’s in it for you

The advantages of composite end blocks include better friction to screwing (preventing screws from loosening), improved panel rigidity, better mechanical resistance and better resistance to moisture.

In other words, your garage door is protected by rot-proof XPS end blocks as well as solidified in several aspects. It goes without saying that those are valuable benefits, whether we’re talking residential or commercial doors.

Porte de garage Premium de Garex


Recognized by the industry

Our end blocks stood out as soon as they arrived on the market in 2015. The jury of Contech, the largest building show in Quebec, chose our product as one of five “Coup de coeur” (favorites) among the twenty-five new products that were presented.

Our composite end blocks are one of our many ways to provide you with strong, durable garage doors. Contact us to learn more.

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