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17 June 2019

When it comes to residential architecture, each year has a few surprises in store. What are the top trends on social media in 2019?

Two important trends have emerged this year: the ultra-modern cubic house and the warm farmhouse.

Current Architecture Trends

Two important architecture trends have emerged this year: the ultra-modern cubic house and the warm farmhouse. Enough to satisfy all tastes and to expand the range of possibilities in terms of design!

Cubic Architecture Trends

The cubic-style house

We have seen contemporary style in new residential developments for a decade now, but cubic architecture trends, is a modern-era architectural style that is currently gaining in new construction popularity. Garex panoramic garage doors are a perfect fit for these houses.

The prominent features of these homes are sharp, clean lines, a minimalist façade, colors looking like concrete, materials such as fiber cement as well as large or even oversized windows. Cube-shaped houses can incorporate wood, but in a subtle, sober manner. Priority is often given to sheltered exterior spaces. But above all, this trend is focused on… cubic shapes.

seigneurie 2

The modern farmhouse

On the other end of the spectrum, we can observe the warmest ‘modern farmhouse’ trend. These American-inspired, country-style homes usually have one or two stories. The farmhouse style primarily revolves around neutral colors and its windows feature simple detailing. The Garex carriage house garage door styleis ideal to suit this trend.

These houses are mainly characterized by a balanced blend of rustic and modern elements, hence their name. It’s all about mixing textures, fixtures or architectural details: black or copper rustic lighting, black window framing without trims, exposed wooden beams sometimes white or black, or even cube-shaped architectural details integrated into the otherwise country style.

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